Handy Trends Strawberry Planter review

Handy Trends Strawberry Planter - Box Contents

Handy Trends Strawberry Planter - Box Contents

  Ok, If you’ve read any of my other reviews, like the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter review, you’ll have realized by now that I think these generic versions are lacking in some areas, however,  











they are much cheaper in price, sometimes half the price of the Topsy Turvy Planters making them a good buy if you are on a budget or if you just want to try things out for a single growing season.

With that being said I found the Handy Trends Strawberry Planter to be fairly easy to use. It still had the same problems, notably no plastic ring to hold it upright and the plastic top doesn’t come off which normally makes it harder to add the plants, but in this case all was well. I added a couple inches of soil to the bottom of the planter which solved the problem of the upside down planter staying upright, and because strawberry plants are so small and their root balls so compact, (at least when being removed from those little six-pack containers), I was able to put them in from the outside with no problems.



I do like this planter better than the Handy Trends Tomato Planter that I reviewed earlier.

Granted, it may not have the same quality as the Topsy Turvy Planters, but it seems serviceable and the price is good. Of course, the real proof is in how long it lasts. If it can make it through three growing seasons then it is a better buy, but if it’s done after one than it’s not worth the lower price. Guess we’ll find out next year! =) For now though, if you find it on sale at your local CVS, Rite-Aid, Big Lots, or what have you – you might want to pick it up and give it a try!


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9 thoughts on “Handy Trends Strawberry Planter review

  1. where do you put the sponge that comes in the Handy Trends Strawberry planter kit ?

  2. Barbara, I don’t recall any sponge with the Strawberry kit. Usually the sponge is for the tomato planter and it goes at the bottom you put the plant through it so that the dirt doesn’t come out the bottom.

  3. Can you tell me is seeds or a plant come with Handy Trenos Tomato Planter? If so a friend of mine purchased to boxes of your Handy Trenos Tomato Planter and no seeds (cup) or plant that is advertised in the instructions was in the box. Can you explain that. Gwen.

  4. Gwen,

    No, there are no seeds or plants included in any of the planters. Which is a good thing! Plants would die if they were inside of the box and seeds would need to grow up before they could be used. Just have your friend run down to the local Home Depot and grab a couple plants to use in the planters and they’ll be all set.

  5. I received your product as a birthday present from my grandson. WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!! I bought five good quality strawberry plants, good quality potting soil and followed your instructions. Well everything died. Besides being out the price of all the plants and the soil, I have the great disappointment of my grandson. You should be ashamed.

  6. Mary,

    I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience but please try to remember that these items are not my products – this is only a blog about my personal experience with these planters and other types of upside down growing.

    Also, if your plants died then either you had sick plants or you did something incorrectly as these planters are only containers. Like any container it’s up to you to actually grow them – the container doesn’t do anything except hold the plant.

  7. I have purchased 2 of the hot pepper planters to plant spring pea seedlings that are about 3 inches or so tall. I hope that all goes well since I have a small yard and a dog that digs up my flowers. Wish me luck!

  8. Good luck!

    I hope you come back and let me know how it worked out. =)

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