Growing Strawberries Upside Down – The Planting

I used a mixture of MiracleGro and SuperSoil for the potting soil.  Nothing too fancy. The upside down planter was another Handy Trends© planter, this time a strawberry one.

HT strawberry box - front

HT strawberry box - front

HT strawberry box - back

HT strawberry box - back

It has nine holes around the bag to place the strawberry plants in, I only had six strawberry plants to put in it but I figure that just leaves them a little more room to grow. =)  Like the tomato plants, they were very easy to put through the holes.

Growing upside down strawberries

HT strawberry bag

One thing I didn’t like about these generic planters was that they couldn’t stand up by themselves.  I solved this by putting in a 2 inch layer of potting soil.  Still, they definitely aren’t as good as the Topsy Turvy planters.

upside down strawberries

HT strawberry planter

And here’s the final version hanging on the wall!




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